10. When Granny accidentally shrinks

George’s Grandma is a vile lady who’s described as ‘the worst grandmother imaginable’. She’s controlling and complains incessantly, and seems to dislike her grandson more than anyone else. While preparing her regular medicines, George exacts his revenge by concocting something slightly more ‘marvellous’ instead. Initially Granny grows to giant-sized proportions, but upon drinking another potion without permission she shrinks and shrinks – eventually into nothing – and is never seen again…

9. The bond between the boy and his grandmother

When the (unnamed) narrator, a seven-year-old boy, is turned into a tiny mouse by the witches, we wonder how he will survive. We’re also left to question if the boy’s relationship with his caring Norwegian grandmother will endure, because, after all – who would want to look after a mouse?! Against all odds, the strong-willed grandmother cares for the boy and ensures his new mousy life is as easy as possible, and they both live the rest of their days together, albeit bittersweetly.    

8. When the Enormous Crocodile is defeated

The Enormous Crocodile is a fearsome beast with hundreds of razor sharp white teeth. After wreaking terror on a range of jungle animals, he finally gets his comeuppance when Trunky the Elephant swings him far away from the swamp, all the way into the sky. The dastardly villain disappears forever and the lovely swamp friends, Muggle-Wump, NotSoBig Crocodile and the Roly-Poly Bird are left to enjoy their days basking in the mud, under the glorious sun.

7. When Mr Fox and his Family escape the terrors of the three farmers

Throughout Fantastic Mr Fox, our protagonist is hunted by devious and dim-witted farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. They spend their days attempting to capture Mr Fox, his family and friends, eventually trapping them underground. Clever Mr Fox has a cunning plan (of course), and after breaking into the farmer’s chicken coup through a new burrow, he builds an extended and elaborate warren for all the animals beneath the ground. Promising to hunt for them so they’ll never starve again, this safe haven unites them all and protects them from the three nasty farmers.  

6. When Mr Hoppy and Miss Silver get married

Mr Hoppy was a lonely and shy man, with a deep affection for Miss Silver, his downstairs neighbour. This affection drives him to bizarre lengths, and he comes up with an ingenious plan to win Miss Silver’s heart forever – pretending to cast a spell on her tortoise so it will grow bigger. Miss Silver is full of admiration for Mr Hoppy after her tortoise does indeed grow (though of course, we know all is not as it seems...) and she gladly accepts when he asks for her hand in marriage. 

5. When Sophie gets her happy ending

Spirited heroine Sophie is a small orphan who longs for a better life, and after her fantastical adventure with The BFG, The Queen builds her a cottage to live in alongside a castle for her gigantic friend – all in the grounds of Buckingham Palace! After years of living in orphanages, it’s a thoroughly glorumptious ending for Sophie and they both live happily ever after. 

4. When Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge are crushed by the giant peach

After the tragic death of his parents, James Henry Trotter is forced to live with his prickly aunts, who take great pleasure in tormenting him. After magically (and accidentally) growing a giant peach from a bag of ‘crocodile tongues’, James discovers a secret tunnel to the centre of the fruit…and it contains a whole family of creatures. When the peach is set loose by Centipede, it crushes James’s aunts leaving him free to live his life with his newfound friends, as they travel across the world to New York City. 

3. When we discover that The BFG wrote his own story

At the end of The BFG, author Roald Dahl curiously asks the reader ‘But where, might you ask, is this book that The BFG wrote?’, only to answer ‘It’s right here, you’ve just finished reading it’. This surprising revelation – that the often-bumbling character who struggled so frequently with his words – could write a book, is a fantastically uplifting and inspirational moment. 

2. When Charlie finds the golden ticket

When down-on-his-luck Charlie Bucket stumbles upon some lost money in the snow, he treats himself to two whipplescrumptious fudgemallow delights. Charlie rips open the wrapper and discovers a shiny golden ticket for an exclusive trip to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Knowing life is about to change forever for his poverty-stricken family, Charlie immediately runs home to tell everyone the incredible news. 

1. When Matilda goes to live with Miss Honey

Matilda’s parents, The Wormwoods, plan to leave abruptly for Spain while running from the police. A desperate and tormented Matilda begs to be left behind with her favourite teacher, Miss Honey, who proclaims to her family ‘I would look after her with loving care’. It’s a heart-warming moment, when we finally see our sweet and intelligent prodigy get the family – and the happy ending – she always deserved.

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